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Can the kitchen hold the recipe for romance -- or is the gender divide too great? On a reality TV show known for romantic fantasy,

We English love our eccentrics. Clarissa Dickson Wright, the renowned cook, TV personality, author and countryside campaigner, who died on March 15 at age

If the average food magazine were a castaway on the ’60s TV show "Gilligan's Island," it would be Ginger: glamorous, worldly and somewhat unattainable.

It was a sweltering day outside the classroom at The Greenbrier when Julia Child came to visit. She would come each year to teach

The enormous popularity of British television's "Downton Abbey" is a great boon to PBS, which is airing it in the United States, and I

If you are not watching the HBO series "Treme," trust me, from a food fanatic's point of view, you are seriously missing out. The