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First, let's clear up one thing. Butterscotch is not caramel. Caramel is cooked sugar. It starts clear and bubbly, and if you keep cooking

Instead of buying candy to serve at home or give as gifts, flex your culinary muscles and make your own. It's easier than you

It stands to reason that Greece should have an endearing, if waning, tradition of highly symbolic, decorative holiday breads. In agrarian communities, long before

The holidays just aren't the same without pie, right? Apple pie, pecan pie, Grandma's chiffon pie all sing special songs of the season. Unless

Everybody loves apple pie, and everybody at the very least has warm feelings about pumpkin pie, which is practically a symbol of the holidays. Apple

In early October I wrote a light-hearted story about the supposed pumpkin shortage on Long Island. It was hard to believe national news reports