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It's hard to make wine come alive on the page (with a few notable exceptions; see Jay McInerney and Randall Grahm), but in "Uncorked:

Forget the nesting songbirds, flowering trees and sunny days. For seafood fans on the East Coast, springtime means the return of the rare seafood

One of the treasures I inherited from my mother is "The Settlement Cook Book," a recipe collection that originated in Milwaukee where my mother

Apples are one of the wonderful fruits of autumn. We grow a lot of apples in the Nordic climate, and we eat them fresh,

Our image of the first Thanksgiving is a fanciful one created in grammar schools across the nation. We imagine pilgrims sharing turkey, sweet potatoes,

It was love at first bite. The first time I tasted Hawaiian-style tuna poke, I fell madly in love with it. "Poke" -- pronounced