The Culture of Food and Drink

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It stands to reason that Greece should have an endearing, if waning, tradition of highly symbolic, decorative holiday breads. In agrarian communities, long before

Filipino Catholics celebrate the world's longest Christmas, beginning on Dec. 16 (the date of the first of nine consecutive missas de gallo, or dawn

Parents fret about how their kids eat all the time, but not on Christmas morning. Not many parents can claim kids like my three

The holidays just aren't the same without pie, right? Apple pie, pecan pie, Grandma's chiffon pie all sing special songs of the season. Unless

On Christmas, many Sicilians in the province of Catania will make a magnificent baked rice timbale, a feast dish shared with many friends and

In Provence the traditional Christmas Eve dinner is ironically called le gros super. A repas maigre, meaning that no meat is served, it is