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19 Top European Restaurants Worth A Trip

Gostner Schwaige

Traveling to Europe this summer? If your plans include Italy, Germany, France, England, Spain, Sweden, Belgium or Denmark, Zester Daily’s community of food writers knows a few restaurants you won’t want to miss. These are our favorite spots — our personal bucket list of dining destinations we share with our closest friends.

The most important thing for us is the food. It has to be exceptional.  But we also love beautiful places and nice people, so rest assured that our favorite spots will feed you body and soul. Alfresco dining ranks high on our preferences. And we are equally fond of the culinary extremes of cutting-edge innovation and home-spun comfort. We celebrate cultural traditions wherever they are delivered with care and an emphasis on freshness and flavor.

As you chart your European vacation, allow for side trips to these delightful dining rooms. Some will dazzle you. Others will enfold you. None will disappoint. Happy travels!

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Main photo: High on a peak in the Dolomites — accessible only by gondola, horse-driven carriage or skis – sits Gostner Schwaige, a rustic cabin where chef Franz Mulser serves exquisite South Tyrolean cuisine. Credit: Copyright 2015 South Tyrol Marketing Corporation

  • Ferdinand Tessadri 6·16·15

    Living in South Tyrol, I was happily surprised to find Franz Mulser , the eccentric cook, and
    his hut on the Seiseralpe in your indications. Especially considering that he is mentioned
    in between 3 star restaurants. I found him about 10 years ago,casually passing by on foot, and was surprised by the interest he took in selecting the material and then by his cooking techniques.All in a small alpine hut, with a kitchen of about a few square meters. He was not known to anybody. Now of course it is different, but he remained the simple guy with the hat,
    who does not like to talk too much. If you really want to appreciate the place,you must visit it on evening,when the tourists are gone. Then he has time to prepare an unbelieveable menu.