Clifford A. Wright’s Cheesy Party


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Clifford A. Wright with Cow

Congratulations to Clifford A. Wright on the publication of his new cookbook, the fun and fabulous “Hot and Cheesy” (Wiley). In honor of his twelfth recipe collection, Zester Daily hosted a cheesy extravaganza where we feasted on delicious dishes from his book while swaying to the jazz sounds of Steve Goldun. The over-flow crowd devoured stacks of grilled cheese sandwiches, trays of Jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese and chorizo, bowls of lasagne with three cheese and ground walnut sauce, and squares of Syrian cheese pie, finishing the evening with bite-sized cheese cakes. While that may sound like cheese overload, it is a tribute to Clifford’s cooking — and liberal pours of bright French wine — that the dancing continued into the night. The soiree’s mascot — our “udderly” delightful bovine friend Lucy — provided the gravitas the event so richly deserved.





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