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Zester Daily is an award-winning online destination for food, wine and travel enthusiasts eager to discover what’s new and delicious in the world.  Our mission is to promote spirited, intelligent dialogue about what we eat and drink — a critical step toward establishing a more healthful, environmentally sustainable and just food culture.

The expertise of our globe-trotting contributors distinguishes the in-depth, well-edited Zester content.  With news, compelling features, unique recipes, and provocative opinion pieces written by a broad spectrum of authors, chefs, and food world leaders, Zester Daily is the smart place to expand your culinary horizons.

Launched in 2009, Zester Daily is a new approach to journalism providing writers a revenue sharing showcase for their work.  Each contributor has a financial stake in the endeavor plus promotional, technical and editorial support for their work.

Advertising supported, Zester also syndicates its stories to other online and print outlets. For more information, contact us at: